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Tsukki by goldenMisfortune Tsukki :icongoldenmisfortune:goldenMisfortune 3 2 Happy Kisekae Thanksgiving Everyone! by OnionFairy99 Happy Kisekae Thanksgiving Everyone! :icononionfairy99:OnionFairy99 7 3
Seven minutes in heaven-Romano
"_______ got Lovino!" You looked at the perfectly ripe tomato in your hand.
"Bastard! I didn't put anything in that bag!" Your head whipped round to see Romano in one of his rages. But there was a blush on his cheeks, pale but apparent. He was wearing blue skinny jeans and a sandy toned shirt with an open chest, a choclate coloured tie hanging round his neck. He was also wearing a pair of smart brown shoes and had a pair of sunglasses sitting ontop of his head. You stood up and walked over to him. He looked at you and his blush increased a little. You were both then dragged by your arms to the closet, the door slamming. Romano let out a string of curses, punching the door. You grabbed his hand.
"Stop it." The closet was small and when he wrenched his hand away from you you heard his elbow hit the wall. You both stood there in silence for a minute, trying to each get some space, until you felt his curl brush your face. You didn't realise at the time until you brushed it away.
Lovino blu
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 707 226
Spook Story by ForceManner Spook Story :iconforcemanner:ForceManner 5 0 HSOD Event Entry - Sigi and Elizabeth by OnionFairy99 HSOD Event Entry - Sigi and Elizabeth :icononionfairy99:OnionFairy99 5 3 Height Chart - HSoD by ForceManner Height Chart - HSoD :iconforcemanner:ForceManner 11 21
Haruka Nanase x Reader || Free!
"Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!"
You groaned and shoved your face in your hands. Nagisa's constant questioning was starting to get to you. In retrospect, you probably should have thought this over when Gou asked you if you wanted to go with the swim club while they had "training camp". It would be some time away from society, so you didn't doubt yourself when you agreed.
Until now.
Sure, you loved Nagisa liked a brother, but sometimes his happy-go-lucky attitude bothered you when you were already provoked. Sighing, your mind came up with an excuse.
'At least you get to spend time with Harukkaaaaa~'
You blushed, thankful that your hands hid the burning red.
'Shut up, brain.'
"Are we-"
"Nagisa, stop."  Haruka demanded. You lifted your head and sent him a soft smile his way as a thanks, leaving the slightest traces of a blush on his cheeks. The blond swimmer pouted and crossed his arms.
Silence ensued as you all sat at random places on t
:icondandylion127:dandylion127 749 72
Norway x Sick!Reader: Takk
You breathed heavily, unable to breathe through your nose. You thought about yesterday's events.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback!!! o3o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You were walking along the lake with your friends: The Nordic Five as they called themselves.
It's cause they're all from the five different countries in the north.
Mathias, the Dane, was yelling that he 'was the king of Northern Europe so everybody should bow down at his feet'.
"Hey! ___!" He yelled and you turned around.
"What?" You asked, shivering in the cold.
"I was wondering if you thought like me?" He said with a grin.
"About what?" You asked, confused.
He grinned even more. "About whether you and Lukas would make a good couple or not~?"
You blushed. "What the heck, Matt! What kind of question is that!?" You yelled and slapped the Dane in the face, glancing at your Norwegian friend, Lukas.
He was facing the other way, with no expression, thought he had a slight blush on his face as well.
"Well~?" Mathias asked.
You glared at
:iconazumariko:azumariko 383 84
Rainbow Dash x Unicorn!Mare!Reader
                     Rainbow Dash x Unicorn!Mare!Reader Part One
             You kept you head down. You were new to this little town, Ponyville. Your 'friends' back in Cantralot tipped your parents off that you were 'up to no good.' And to even you out, they sent you here. You were looking for the library, you'd be staying with the residence there.
Soon, you walked up to the tree based library, you took a deep breath before raising a hoof to knock. After a few moments of no one answering you knocked again, “Hello? Anypony home?” you said loud enough for it to have been heard through the door.
The door opened to reveal another unicorn (not alicorn). She had a purple and pink mane, and a purple coat.
“Oh, you must be (pony name [with be (p/n)]), welcome to Ponyville!” she said, backing up so you could come in.
“Yes, that's me, and you are?”
:iconberserkergirl:Berserkergirl 98 20
But, I Like That Name (Romano x Reader)
"No!" Lovino shouted for the millionth time. "I told you, I don't like that name."
"But, I think it's cute." You said, crossing your arms with a fake pout on your face. 
Lovino clenched his fists tightly. "It's not cute." He growled, gritting his teeth together.
You have known Lovino since grade school. You did know that the name irritated him, but you didn't know it irritated him this much.
Dispute Lovino's attitude, you had fallen for this tsundere Italian.
"C'mon Lovi," you said. "Just this once."
"Don't call me that!" He snapped loudly, causing you to flinch back a bit. Lovino noticed this and adverted his gaze down to the ground. "I just like being called that." he said a bit more softly.
You looked to him. "Why?" you asked curiously, getting ready for s back-story.
"I just don't." He said bluntly.
You gave him a look that sent the message, 'seriously?' you sighed. He's never been this stubborn before. "There's no reason?" You asked, unamused.
"Yes, there is a fucking reason." he
:iconhetafan123:hetafan123 248 126
France x Reader: All I Got
France x Reader: All I Got
Request for MizureChan
The rain bombarded the window. It was hell outside, but inside it was warm. You sat on your couch, looking miserably at your unstarted cup of cocoa. Your eyes were red and your nose was runny. But you weren't sick. It was a simple matter, really--someone had just broken your heart, and their bonds to you. Your cellphone still had the text message he had sent you. "I'm breaking up with you. I found someone else who made me very happy last night. We can still be friends, right?"
Outside you could heard a car door slam. You ignored it, trying instead to focus on your misery. A rap on the window, and someone called your name. You looked up. A man with long blonde hair and pools of blue eyes stood in the rain, begging to be let in. You stood and walked to the door, leaning into it for a minute, pondering whether or not you were to let this man in. He was your best friend, though. When you opened the door, he was soaked from head to toe. But
:iconthreepinkdoors:threepinkdoors 491 137
weee by Riiceversa weee :iconriiceversa:Riiceversa 9 14 Boys will Be Boys by Alphabet-Zoo Boys will Be Boys :iconalphabet-zoo:Alphabet-Zoo 159 25


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hi so my discord is available so me I guess???? and my ig is @mireihayasakas or @aquatictrixter
hi so my discord is available so me I guess???? and my ig is @mireihayasakas or @aquatictrixter


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hi im Mel welcome to my art hell lol


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